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gzheng03dec12 Guoan Zheng



Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2013
M.S., Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2008
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China, 2007

Research Interests

My research focuses on the development of novel imaging solutions for addressing contemporary biomedical challenges. My current research interests include:
  • High-throughput imaging/screening techniques for cellular, genomic, and proteomic processes.
  • Optofluidic/microfluidic technology for miniaturized analysis systems.
  • Quantitative image analysis and parallel processing techniques.
  • The micro- and nano- scale interface between solid-state electronic/photonic system and biological system.

Honors and Awards

  • Phi-Tau-Phi Scholarship, Phi-Tau-Phi Scholastic Honor Society, 2012
  • Lemelson-MIT Caltech Student Prize, Kirsch Auditorium, MIT Stata Center, 2011
  • Finalist, Edmund Optics Grant, 2011
  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, 2010
  • $50,000 TATRC/Qualcomm Wireless Health Innovation Challenge Award (declined due to patent licensing restrictions)
  • 1st Prize Winner of Idea-to-Product Global Competition, University of Texas, 2010
  • Division Fellowship, Caltech, 2007
  • Outstanding Graduate of Zhejiang Province, Ministry of Education of China, 2007
  • Microsoft Youth Scholar, Microsoft Research Asia, 2006


Invited Review Articles:
1.Guoan Zheng, "Chip-scale microscopy imaging," Journal of Biophotonics 5, 639-649 (2012).
2. Jigang Wu, Guoan Zheng, and Lap Man Lee, "Optical imaging techniques in microfluidics and their applications," Lab on a Chip 12, 3566-3575 (2012).

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:
3. Seung Ah Lee, Guoan Zheng, Nandini Mukherjee, and Changhuei Yang, "On-chip continuous monitoring of motile microorganisms on an ePetri platform," Lab on a Chip 12, 2385-90 (2012).
4. Guoan Zheng, Seung Ah Lee, Yaron Antebi, Micheal B. Elowitz, and Changhuei Yang, "The ePetri dish, an on-chip cell imaging platform based on subpixel perspective sweeping microscopy (SPSM)," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108, 16889-94 (2011).
**Top 50 most-read paper in PNAS (Oct and Nov 2011). Highlighted by Nature Methods, etc.
5. Guoan Zheng, Christopher Kolner, and Changhuei Yang, "Microscopy refocusing and dark-field imaging by using a simple LED array," Optics Letters 36 (20), 3987-3989 (2011).
6. Jigang Wu, Guoan Zheng, Zheng Li, and Changhuei Yang, "Focal plane tuning in wide-field-of-view microscope with Talbot pattern illumination," Optics Letters 36 (12), 2179-2181 (2011).
7. Seung Ah Lee, Ricardo Leitao, Guoan Zheng, Samuel Yang, Ana Rodriguez, and Changhuei Yang, "Color capable sub-pixel resolving optofluidic microscope and its application to blood cell imaging for malaria diagnosis," PLoS ONE 6 (10), (2011).
8. Guoan Zheng, Xiquan Cui, and Changhuei Yang, "Surface-wave-enabled darkfield aperture for background suppression during weak signal detection," Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 107 (60), 9043-8 (2010). **Highlighted by SPIE news
9. Guoan Zheng, Seung Ah Lee, Samuel Yang, and Changhuei Yang, "Sub-pixel resolving optofluidic microscope for on-chip cell imaging," Lab on a Chip 10, 3125-3129, (2010).
**Highlighted by MIT Technology Review, etc.
10. Guoan Zheng, Ying Min Wang, and Changhuei Yang, "Pixel level optical-transfer-function design based on the surface-wave-interferometry aperture," Optics Express 18 (16), 16499-16506 (2010).
11. Guoan Zheng and Changhuei Yang, "Improving weak signal identification via pre-detection background suppression by a pixel-level surface-wave enabled darkfield aperture," Optics Letters 35 (15), 2636-2638, (2010).
12. Jigang Wu, Xiquan Cui, Guoan Zheng, Ying Min Wang, Lap Man Lee, and Changhuei Yang, "Wide field-of-view microscope based on holographic focus grid illumination," Optics Letters 35 (13), 2188-2190 (2010).
13. Ying Min Wang, Guoan Zheng, and Changhuei Yang,"Characterization of acceptance angles of small circular apertures," Optics Express 17 (26), 23903–23913 (2009).
14. Guoan Zheng, Xin Heng and Changhuei Yang, "A phase conjugate mirror inspired approach for building cloaking structures with left-handed materials," New Journal of Physics 11, 033010-25 (2009).
15. Guoan Zheng, "Abrupt change of reflectivity from the strongly anisotropic metamaterial," Optics Communications 281, 1941-1944 (2008).
16. Shan Qiao, Guoan Zheng, Haifei Zhang and Lixin Ran, "Transition behavior of k-surface: from hyperbola to ellipse," Progress In Electromagnetics Research 81, 267-277 (2008).
17. Shan Qiao, Guoan Zheng, and Lixin Ran, "Enhancement of evanescent wave in an electrically anisotropic slab with partially negative permittivity tensor," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 22 (10), 1341-1350 (2008).
18. Shan Qiao, Guoan Zheng, Wen Ren and Lixin Ran, "Possible abnormal group velocity in the normal dispersive anisotropic media," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 22 (10), 1309-1317 (2008).
19. Guoan Zheng, Lixin Ran, and Changhuei Yang, "Electromagnetic equivalent model for phase conjugate mirror based on the utilization of left-handed material," Optics Express 15 (21), 13877-85 (2007).

Highlights of My Research Work (Selected)

Professional Services

Invited Referee (~50 times for 19 journals) for PNAS, Nanotechology, Lab on a Chip, Biomedical Microdevices, Optics Express, Optics Letter, Analyst, PLoS ONE, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Journal of Biomedical Optics, Applied Optics, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Chinese Physics Letters, Journal of Physics B, Journal of Physics D, Journal of Optics, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Progress In Electromagnetics Research