Biophotonics Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

The research of the Biophotonics Laboratory, led by Professor Changhuei Yang, is focused on the development of novel tools that combine optics and microfluidics to tackle diagnostic and measurement problems in biology and medicine. The major techniques that are under development in the laboratory include the ePetri, Fourier Ptychographic microscopy, and time-reversal optical focusing.

The ePetri is a new imaging technology that allows images of petri dish cell culture to be collected and streamed directly out of the incubator. The Fourier Ptychographic microscope represents a new way of tackling high-throughput digital pathology by transforming a physical optical problem to a computational problem. Through this reduction, we can push the performance of standard microscopes beyond their physical limitations. Our time-reversal optical focusing research aims to tackle the extreme turbidity of biological tissues through the use of optical time-reversal methods. This work can potentially enable incisionless laser surgery, high-resolution and deep-penetrating biochemical tissue imaging, optogenetic activation and more.

Some of our major research projects are outlined in the column on the right. For more detailed information, please visit our research page. We are also pleased to include a link to the Optofluidics Webpage, which contains information on the collaborative efforts between Caltech, Harvard, Stanford and UCSD to further develop the field of optofluidics.

News and Announcements

The deadline for Fall 2015 graduate applications for the BE department is Jan 1, 2015.
The deadline for Fall 2015 graduate applications for the EE department is Jan 15, 2015.

From Feb 1st to Feb 10th, Professor Yang will be reviewing graduate applications. He will be recruiting two students into his group. If you are interested in joining his group and have already submitted your application to the Caltech Graduate Office by the deadlines listed above, please send him ( an email to let him know. He will NOT be answering any emails. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by 12 Feb for interviews.

Biophotonics Lab Location

The Biophotonics Lab, get directions, is located in the Moore Laboratory on the main Caltech campus.

Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM)
The Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) is an imaging method which iteratively stitches together a number of variably illuminated, low-resolution intensity images in Fourier space to produce a wide-field, high-resolution complex sample image. Read more...

ePetri Dish Project
The ePetri dish is a chip-scale lensfree microscopy platform that can automatically perform high resolution (~0.66 micron) microscopy imaging over a large field-of-view (6mm 4mm). Read more...
ePetri Inc. website

Optofluidic Microscopy
Optofluidic Microscopy (OFM) is a new compact and lensless microscopic imaging technique. OFM utilizes microfluidic flow to deliver specimens across array(s) of micrometer-size apertures defined on a metal-coated CMOS sensor to generate direct projection images. Read more...

Wide Field of View Microscopy We have developed a new microscopy design that can achieve wide field-of-view (FOV) imaging and yet possesses a resolution that is comparable to a conventional microscope. This technology is scalable and represents a cost-effective way to implement wide FOV microscopy systems. Read more...

Turbidity Suppression by Optical Phase Conjugation
Elastic optical scattering is a deterministic and time reversible process. By recording the phase and amplitude of the propagating scattered light field and reproducing a back propagating optical phase conjugate (OPC) field, the light can retrace its trajectory through the scattering medium and return the original input light field. Read more...

Coherence Domain Probing System
We are especially interested in the development of an Optical Coherence Tomography system for clinical applications. This research includes the Paired Angle Rotation Scanning OCT (PARS-OCT), Hand-Held Forward-Imaging Needle Endoscope, etc. Read more...